Saturday, December 04, 2010

Is Homeopathy Satanic?

As a scientist, I am skeptical of grandiose claims, cure-alls, and magic potions that cannot be explained naturally. However, also as a scientist, I try to keep an open mind, as I know there are many things which we do not yet understand. I can tollerate homeopathy, as long as it's not killing people. If it works, great, if not, then it's probably not a big deal.

As a Christian, I must also look at homeopathy. Is homeopathy satanic? If homeopathy cannot be explained by science, then are its effects from nature? If these effects are not from nature, from where do they come? Even if homeopathy has no real effects, is this faith-based medicine a false god?

Homeopathy is based on a core axiom, commonly called the law of similars, namely, that preparations that cause certain symptoms in a healthy person should be given in diluted form to people with ailments that exhibit similar symptoms.

To explore these issues, and examine homeopathy, we listen in on a conversation between three people who are having a discussion on the merits of homeopathy.

"Hey John!", Mike and Jill motioned to him to come over.

John stepped over, "Hi Mike. Hello Jill."

"What are you two up to?", said John.

"Jill was just telling me about this new kind of medicine, something about homeopathy, right Jill?" John interrupted, "You mean telepathy?" he elbowed Mike. "No really, homeopathy, it's a natural approach to healing,", said Jill.

John slowly combed his beard, "Yeah, I've heard of it. It's some weird hippy 'new age' thing, right?"

"New age!? You didn't tell me that, Jill!", Mike exclaimed.

"It's not 'new age', in fact it has been around since the 1800's.", said Jill.

John retorted, "Yes, it has, but since then science has advanced, and the only ways people are convinced of the efficacy of these potions is by combining them with 'new age' rituals and speech."

"So you think herbal medicine is all a scam?", Jill said.

John slowly responded, "No, I don't think all herbal medicine is a scam, homeopathy is not about herbal medicine, it is about the theory of similars. A theory that has never been shown to be true. Much like the theory of blood-letting."

Jill gulped, "I see. Well we all know that the pharmaceutical companies are all trying to keep you sick, their business is to sell you medicine, not make you better!"

John sighed, "Yes, and all mechanics break another thing in your car when they fix something else, right? I'm sure there are some crooked pharmaceutical companies, but to make your blanket statement, you must also believe that the homeopathics are crooks. They are people just as the ones who work in the pharmaceutical companies, subject to the same vices, and since their profit margin is so much higher, they are far more likely to be scamming."

"My cousin took some homeopathic remedy, and it helped her recover right away!", Mike cut in.

"So, how does it work then?", responded John.

Jill took a breath, "You see, you take something that gives a healthy person the same symptoms as the sick one is experiencing, you potentize it using a striker. This gives the memory of the energy of the poison to the water. Thus, when the sick person takes the pill containing the water, their body uses this to recover from the ailment."

Mike cut in, "You mean you dilute it and shake it. No need to use your fancy 'potentize' and 'striker' terms here. "

"Yes, that is correct. But the energy remains, the life-force of the poison.", responded Jill.

"Ah, see, now we are getting to the new age and occult. Since it is not possible to show how this works in nature, it must be some unnatural thing. You know, some spiritual thing. And that brings me to the question, is homeopathy satanic?"

Mike looked at John, "Wow! What are you talking about, John?!"

"You can't be serious, " said Jill. "All sorts of things were considered satanic and crazy because people didn't understand them. I'm sure electricity must have been at one time."

Mike snapped, "Sure, but some things that were considered satanic still are, for example, Tarrot cards, Ouija boards, fortune tellers, et cetera. When I see people putting vials of potions in their socks and dancing around, when I see people reciting numbers to be cured, when I see people putting all their faith in the church of homeopathy, it makes me question the power behind it."

Jill took a deep breath, "Well I can see that I'm not going to convince you today. You have brought up some points, and I will be watching homeopathy more carefully now to make sure I don't accidentally start turning to some occult practices."

Mike cut in, "hey guys! I almost forgot to tell you. My cousin just started this company and he said he can get us a great deal on vacuum cleaners, insurance, and legal council!"


Anonymous said...

New Age spiritualism is the satanic element here, rather than homeopathy itself. Homeopathy remains and unproven theory, the two things are still separate. However, those partaking of homeopathy should beware of the spiritualistic element some practitioners are promoting with it.

Anonymous said...

I hate reading other people's conversations.

Anonymous said...

You were born on a Tuesday, weren't you?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the work you have put into the post, this helps clear away a few questions I had.