Saturday, July 18, 2009

Firefox Addons I use

So last night I foobarred all my addons for firefox by manually mucking around with the files. It's probably a good idea that I log the addons I have installed:
  • Adblock Plus: The horrible ads on digg and facebook drove me to finally install this, and I am so thankful to them!
  • Adblock Plus Element Hider Helper: Blocks some text ads...if you are going to block some, you might as well block them all!
  • Bugmenot: Log into free, but registration required websites. I used to use this a lot more than I do now, perhaps these news websites are catching on?
  • Cooliris: Useless but impressive way to view photos, especially on facebook.
  • Digg Toolbar for Firefox: Don't use digg as much anymore since I started using Google Reader's share feature.
  • Download Statusbar: Puts downloads into a statusbar instead of a whole new window.
  • Google Gears: Allows offline usage of the Google Apps (reader, mail, documents, etc).
  • Google Preview: Inserts thumbnails on the left for Google search results.
  • Read it later: Really haven't used this much.
  • Resurrect Pages: Automatically try to grab down website pages from a variety of sources.

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Anonymous said...

Maintain the sweet text, added to my personal internet explorer feed.