Saturday, July 18, 2009

Firefox Addons I use

So last night I foobarred all my addons for firefox by manually mucking around with the files. It's probably a good idea that I log the addons I have installed:
  • Adblock Plus: The horrible ads on digg and facebook drove me to finally install this, and I am so thankful to them!
  • Adblock Plus Element Hider Helper: Blocks some text ads...if you are going to block some, you might as well block them all!
  • Bugmenot: Log into free, but registration required websites. I used to use this a lot more than I do now, perhaps these news websites are catching on?
  • Cooliris: Useless but impressive way to view photos, especially on facebook.
  • Digg Toolbar for Firefox: Don't use digg as much anymore since I started using Google Reader's share feature.
  • Download Statusbar: Puts downloads into a statusbar instead of a whole new window.
  • Google Gears: Allows offline usage of the Google Apps (reader, mail, documents, etc).
  • Google Preview: Inserts thumbnails on the left for Google search results.
  • Read it later: Really haven't used this much.
  • Resurrect Pages: Automatically try to grab down website pages from a variety of sources.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Would you die for your children?

Would you die for your children? If you put this question to parents, I would expect almost every single one to respond with "yes" without hesitation. But the reality is much different. When the time comes, who knows really how we will react.

It is fairly easy to see who may not really be willing to die for their children. Simply rephrase the question: "Who would be willing to make sacrifices for their children?" Of course your life is the ultimate sacrifice. If you are not willing to make lesser sacrifices, how do you expect to be able to make the ultimate one?

And that is the sad state we find ourselves in. People generally are too self-centered to make sacrifices for their children---let alone the ultimate sacrifice!