Tuesday, January 01, 2019

Minimize Ego

It's very hard to be offended, if you no longer have any ego. I think that we truly need to minimize our ego, so that God can work through us. By the way, this post is about no one but myself. I barely know myself let alone anyone else, but I thought I would share this insight that has helped me. The destruction of our own ego, our own will so that we may be more perfectly aligned to His Will is what we are all called to do. It removes a huge burden once we know, it's not our will, but Thine that must be done. Does this mean we need to constantly be anxious about us properly following His Will? No, it does not. We need to make the best judgement we can at every moment, but we shouldn't forget this His Divine Will has foreseen everything from the beginning of time, and has laid out all for His own Will. So even if we choose a path that seems to our limited perspective to have such a bad outcome, we must remember that God Himself has foreseen this and planned accordingly and expected us to make the best possible decision we could with the limited information available to us. "God I am nothing! Let me be your faithful servant!"