Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Would you die for your children?

Would you die for your children? If you put this question to parents, I would expect almost every single one to respond with "yes" without hesitation. But the reality is much different. When the time comes, who knows really how we will react.

It is fairly easy to see who may not really be willing to die for their children. Simply rephrase the question: "Who would be willing to make sacrifices for their children?" Of course your life is the ultimate sacrifice. If you are not willing to make lesser sacrifices, how do you expect to be able to make the ultimate one?

And that is the sad state we find ourselves in. People generally are too self-centered to make sacrifices for their children---let alone the ultimate sacrifice!

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Apolo Imagod said...

Well said... in the end, like you're saying, who knows? It's certainly a hard question... but certainly, if you aren't willing to give up lesser things for your kids, can you be expected to give up your life?

Still, for most parents, their kids' lives are the greatest they have... which they might not be willing to give up, as bad parents as they might be, for anything, including their own lives...