Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Router Fun

So with Lisa gone tonight out with a friend, and me home with the kids, I decided to take a look at some weird issues I started having with web browsing. So for a while now, sometime I would try to go to a website and I would get a 403 from some proxy server. It was always the same proxy server. I figured that my ISP must have some proxy server that was messing up. Today, however, I tried to go to a website http://dislike.doweb.fr and I got redirected to a searchportal.information.com address (http://searchportal.information.com/?o_id=94081&domainname=dislike.doweb.fr). After much searching and frustration, I found that in my DNS settings I had 'no-ip.org' as a search domain and this was set through DHCP. Now DHCP was being served by my old Netgear WGT624v3 router. I searched all through the web configuration and there was nothing that had that set. I then told the router to backup the configuration to a file and took a look at the file. The setting was there, but not in the web interface. I remembered that a while back I updated the firmware and that many options had been removed. It turns out this was one of them. I ended up having to reset the configuration to the default and then manually change everything back through the web interface. Looks like everything is working properly now, and I can finally say goodbye to those 403 proxy pages. :)

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