Friday, October 02, 2009


I've found that listening to various podcasts have made my commutes and time at the gym much more enjoyable. In the car, I simply dock my ancient iPod on a radio transmitter. Here are the podcasts I currently listen to:
  • FLOSS Weekly - This is a show about Open Source Software and people who create and use it.
  • This Week in Google - This show is about Google happenings, but more generally about cloud computing.
  • This Week in Tech - A general, what's going on in the tech world.
  • net@night - A general, what's going on on the web.
  • Robots Podcast - News from the world of robotics.
  • Software Engineering Radio - Information about Software Engineering.
  • Daily Giz Wiz - Gadget Reviews, mostly ancient gadgets, funny, but I usually only listen to this one if I run out of the others.
If anyone has any suggestions for others, please post a comment. I'm always looking for more interesting podcasts.

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