Tuesday, August 21, 2018


What separates us from the angels? Of course there are many things, they are only spirit, we are body and spirit. They have perfect understanding, we do not. But the most important difference is that we can change while they cannot. There is some sort of disease in society today, this is a lack of uncertainty. Uncertainty is healthy. Uncertainty is human. Without uncertainty, we cannot change. The fallen angels know this, and that is probably why there is such a perceived stigma nowadays on uncertainty. Because if you are certain, you cannot change. The certainty cements your mind. And when you make a mistake, oh yes you will make a mistake, you will not be able to correct it due to your complete certainty. You will freeze yourself as an angel, and give up one of our great human powers---that is change. Now I don't mean you must never make a decision, certainly you are faced with many many decisions every day. However, you can make a decision without being certain, and when you make a bad decision, your uncertainty will allow you to change.