Friday, September 30, 2011


People like to talk about movies they've watched.  People like to talk about the weather.  Why is this?  It is because these are things that we do not have control over.  These are things that we cannot change.  So it is with conspiracies.  Why do people like conspiracy theories?  Because, as it is with movies, they are usually totally beyond the control of the average person.  But there is more: conspiracies are often used as excuses for not performing changes in our own lives, in our own behavior.  Conspiracies against us are the reasons we are failing, nothing we can do will change that, so there is no reason for us to change our lives.  People don't want to change their lives.  Change is hard.

I've heard more than one Christian who was overwhelmed with conspiracies.  But why do they forget: everything that happens, God allows.  I would have died a million times from disease, cars, accidents, if not for God's Will.  Why do we not trust Him to keep us safe and give us what we need to save our souls?  Some shadowy government agent should be the least of our worries.

I am often confused by the need of some people to 'get the message out'.  What is the purpose? What are you changing?  I can see specific instructions for specific situations, but the purpose of just spreading the information does not follow Christian standards.  Spreading information should have a direct purpose.  I would not go around telling people the performance of a particular contracter, without the imminent need of the person to know it.

Save your soul.  If an obsession with conspiracies is becoming an obstacle, cut it off.

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