Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spammers solving A.I. Problems?

New Scientist has published an article about how spammers could be the key to solving A.I. problems and eventually passing the Turing test. The one thing they do not mention is that CAPTCHAs are all about computers detecting other computers, while the Turing test is about humans detecting computers.

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Apolo Imagod said...

It's an interesting article... a part that drew my attention was when they mention "Software that can solve any text-based CAPTCHA will be as much a milestone for artificial intelligence as it will be a problem for online security". This sounds like solving the halting problem :-) Which makes you wonder... in order for AI to be accomplished, does it mean we need to solve the halting problem? I don't think so. It would mean that intelligence is defined by an entity able to solve the halting problem. But as far as I know, even humans are unable to do this. So, I don't think you need so much as claimed in this article to be able to achieve AI.